Two years ago, God brought a struggling single mom with two school-aged kids to Faith Legacy.  She moved into a house a half mile down the street and chose our church because she and her kids were close enough to walk on Sundays.  She is funny, resourceful, and not afraid of hard work.  She is also a former alcoholic with a troubled past and an uncertain future.  Over the past two years, we helped her get a washer and dryer, met with her often to encourage her faith, and provided  food or financial assistance when there was nowhere  else for her to go.  It has been amazing to see God work in her life and in the lives of her children!  Anytime we have an opportunity to serve, she is there.  She will do dishes, mop floors, put together food baskets — whatever needs to be done.  She has been instrumental in establishing a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous at our church on Monday nights.  She invites her friends to anything and everything we do.  She is active in our Women’s Bible Study, and truly cares for each lady who attends.  She brings others’ needs to my attention that I would never hear about.  She’s eager to learn, eager to help, eager to pass on the love of Christ that has turned her life around. 


Even though continually investing in people is what we are called to do, it’s easy to get cynical or discouraged because we don’t always get the results we hope for.  However, when we are able to witness someone blossoming into who she is called to be, it’s like being part of a miracle!  He really does make beauty from ashes, He really does restore souls!  He really is bringing dead things to life and making all things new!  When I see this woman, I see all of that and more… I see Jesus.  

Laurie Jennings

Co-Pastor FLC