I just returned from investing seven days in the country of Cuba. I was part of a team of seven. Three of us were from the PSW Movement. Along with myself there was Jim Heidrick (Assistant Pastor, Encinitas Beach Chapel) and Mike Mullert (Lay person, Skyline Church). It was an incredible experience. We trained pastors in leadership and healing ministry. We participated in worship services and had the opportunity to be present when four churches gathered to baptize twenty people. They were baptized very close to the infamous "Bay of Pigs." It was amazing to both our team an the Cuban Pastors that we (Americans & Cubans) could worship and celebrate new life together in proximity to the location that became the key mark of the rift between our two nations.

Jim and Mike have tremendous blessing in the gifts of discernment and healing. Through their ministry a woman's back was healed and another was delivered from tremors. Many more were prayed over and we believe we will hear of progressive healings. God still heals. We also prayed a blessing over a pastoral couple who lead a house church movement in Havana. Tears poured from their eyes and they sobbed as the presence of the Holy Spirit fell upon them.

This is a small sampling of the ministry there. I will be sharing more over the weeks to come. Just be assured GOD IS ACTIVE IN CUBA!

Phil Stevenson