Friday Morning Prayer @ Denny's and Three Divine Appointments

We experienced a powerful and truly blessed morning of prayer time at Denny's this Friday morning. Myself, Georgana, Pauline, Mike and Pam were blessed this morning as we soon realized we had a few divine appointments with three women at Denny's and why we show up, and God does all the rest. We trust Him. We glorify God when we walk through doors he opens up.

Lindsey's Story -
Lindsey our first waitress, I asked how could we pray for her? She was reluctant and said she did not want to burden us with her problems. We all shared, this is what we do and why we do it as we come to pray. Lindsey is a mother of five in her twenties and shared she has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She shared her brother died suddenly of a heart attack on Thanksgiving Day and her father is devastated and also suffering with illness. We held her hands and all prayed diligently over her. She was so grateful. She has been invited to join us at Thrive and Georgana gave her # to connect with her. We shared we are here for her and her children as she is on this journey of illness and needs love, prayers and encouragement. She shared she had not attended church in a long time. Through her tears, we could see how touched she was by God in this very moment He ordained.

Josie's Story -
Josie, our second waitress of the morning also in her twenties shared when we asked how can we pray for her needs. She is seven months pregnant with "Nicholas" We became so excited to know we could pray over Josie and her child that God keep His hand on both of them, provide all needs and could only be excited as to what God has planned for Nicholas as he is in her womb preparing to make his way into the world. She was so excited to have been prayed over and a first for her and baby.

Shawntae's Story -
Shawntae, who is a part of the Thrive family but has been away and very busy with life moving forward with her life as we discovered she is working at this Dennys location also came over and shared her update with us. We became excited and prayed over her and we so excited to hear about her progress with Christ. She shared her early morning devotion and shared her struggles. God is at work! She needed encouragement and prayer.

In only two Friday mornings of prayer at Denny's, we have come to know the manager and some of the employee's by name and needs. We have been welcomed and accepted and God has certainly opened provided these divine appointments.

A powerful morning to say the least! Join us Friday mornings at Denny's at 6:00 A.M. next Friday and be prepared to witness what the Holy Spirit will do when you show up.

Pray for Lindsey, Josie and Shawntae. God is awesome in power and unconditional love.

In His love and grace,
Pastor Bob