God is moving in amazing ways in AZ

It’s been 4 1/2 months since we moved to Arizona. In that short time, I’ve been forever changed. The people, the ministry, the geography, the day to day walking with God…I will never be the same. The essence of a surrendered life is answering God when He calls. And so we did. We said YES. One word that changed the course of our history…and I believe the course of the lives of many people that will come to know Him. Here’s the deal, we aren’t more than just a couple of people…normal everyday people that struggle, sin, and need a savior. But God sees fit to use us, and so we say yes when He calls. Before our move to the desert, I could only see what I was giving up…the comfort of sisters and family and churches and finances…of houses where I raised my babies and green trees and a city I knew like the back of my hand. There was a moment today during a worship service where God felt so near that I was afraid to open my eyes, that I might see Him right in front of me. In that moment, there was truly no place I would have rather been. It all was a distant memory swallowed up by glory. And so, here I find myself on the other side of surrender…where we say YES and then God moves. Did we give up a lot? Yes. Yet it seems like nothing compared to what we’ve gained. I don’t know the streets of Arizona, every relationship is brand new, and I feel like a guest in my own house still…but to experience God on this level trumps it all. Doors fling wide for us and favor rests on us and we are in AWE. In AWE of the God we serve. He made a way for us long before we came to this place. He had an agenda long before we did. He loves Red Rock deeper than we ever could. It’s Him that we serve. Him that we praise. Him that we daily surrender to. And all glory and praise goes to Him for what He’s done so far and what He’s about to do. He’s on the move, and we are attentive; listening carefully and stepping one foot at a time in faith. We simply believe God is who He says He is…and then we step…and then we are amazed at how quickly He moves. We could not have guessed that this would be our story, yet we shouldn’t be surprised! For when God works, it’s always amazing…no matter how small the blessing or how huge the miracle…His ways are good, and right and worth our seeking, praying and surrendering to.

Don’t shy away from surrender. Don’t fear what might happen if you pray, “Use me!” Take a leap to the other side of surrender.

Ashley Jennings

Red Rocks, AZ