The ELN is our leadership development process for younger leaders in the Pacific Southwest District. The goal is to provide accountability, resources, peer-learning and other training opportunities in order to increase the participant’s leadership capacity.

Characteristics: Emerging Leaders participating in the ELN have exibited

  • The ability to stay focused in tough situations

  • Tenacity

  • A proven ability to lead others to a goal

  • A desire to rise above the status quo

  • Respect from a broad range of people

  • Effective past leadership experience

  • Excellent communication skills

  • A willingness taking on projects and responsibilities

Desired Results: 

  • Prepared to lead more effectively in local ministry

  • Potential to assume district leadership

  • Prone to life-long learning

Process: The ELN is a 15 month process

  • 3 Months-Pre ELN

  • 12 Months-ELN Network Connections


Pre-ELN:  A monthly meeting to establish the commitment to the ELN Process. A book is read and discussed. An unwillingness to engage fully in this three month process would disqualify an individual from the twelve month process.

 ELN Network Connection: Consists of two retreats:

1. Kick off retreat: Leading in your Strength

2. Mid-year retreat: Marriage Relationships

There will be 9 monthly Network Gatherings. The Networks will be 4-6 hours in length. They will be held in the locations of our ELN participants. The following topics will be addressed: 

Competency: Ministry Resources

  • Lifelong learning

  • Developing leaders

  • Growing & multiplying

Charisma: Outer Style

  • Leadership style

  • Relating to others

  • Leading from strength

Character: Inner Strength

  • Spiritual disciplines

  • Self leadership

  • Serving others


Along with the Network Gatherings, each of those participating will read 3-5 books. The reading will be discussed as part of the Network Gatherings. 

Expectations: The participants of the ELN

  • Take an online assessment

  • Attend retreats

  • Participate in the monthly network gatherings

  • Come prepared for engaged peer-learning

Expenses: The Pacific Southwest District will underwrite majority of the expenses for the ELN.